From the pavement

Branch in a bottle
Picked up a branch that caught my eye and put it into an apple cider bottle. I liked the little seeds and the leaflessness of it.

As I was drawing, I thought of Cezanne’s ‘Rose in a green vase’ pencil and watercolour drawing. I really like the way he lowered the vase below the picture frame and used a combination of line and washes to define edges and shape.

I’m still at the stage of drawing outlines and making stuff up a bit like adding a chair and a moon! It’s my way of playing with scale and a visual metaphor for ‘to wonder.’

For colour, I wanted to try using flat, primary colours just as a contrast to the pencil drawing – an idea I found in Helen Birch’s ‘Freehand’ book from one of her examples by Sandra Dieckman and Jamie Mills.

The red bird? Just a splodge cover up!

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