‘Monkey talk’

Drawing connections
Most drawings are carried out with a bit of a ‘monkey talk’. The monkey talk for this drawing went like this.

Start with a tile, Venetian inspired. Why? Why not?
Need a pot, a patterned one. I’m always doing pots upright. Let’s tilt this time.
Next? Plants. Which? Go through my sketches and settled on the ones I did of herbs I’d given to a neice on her birthday to start a little garden.
Mmmm…pot is tilted. Plants will have to follow suit.
Oh dear. Everything seems to be falling out of the page. Stumped. Don’t know how to continue. Leave it.
A few weeks later, one morning with only a 20 minutes to spare, I come across this half finished thing (one of many actually). I look at it. Oh dear. It’s all very tilted. What to do?
A ladder pops into my head. Needs to go on the left. Yes, balance the composition. That’s what is ‘needed’.
In goes ladder. Two straight lines with small lines across. Keep it simple. Shadows? Nah.
I look. Still doesn’t look finished.
I think I need a character. Where? From underneath the pot.
Why? Don’t know. But a girl looking up will ‘work’.
So, this is how the monkey talk went and helped to ‘finish’ this drawing (story).


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