Blogging. Why do it?

Blogging is still a new experience for me. Sometimes I wonder why I do it. Blogging somehow makes me try to articulate or put into words something about my little journey into the world of drawing. Who I’m writing to seems to be an imaginary universe. I have to admit that there is a certain pleasure in seeing a response. Getting a comment is…wow. Great. As for ‘likes’, they’re lovely. Superficial, I know. ‘Likes’ could mean something and yet nothing.

Diary writing is not something that interests me. Perhaps a quiet, simple, ordinary life doesnt seem worthwhile recording. But seeing, drawing, connecting something that grabs or delights my attention does seem worthwhile…to me at least. So, I guess maybe blogging is one of those things where you’ll only know the value of after some time of doing it and looking back to see where you’ve been.

Now, about this Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum) – despite the poor ipad photo, isn’t it stunning? Mum had my poor brother dragging this large pot from her place to my balcony. Of course, I had to do 2 quick morning sketches. And, just as well because they do not last long.

I wouldn’t have known the name of this amazing plant if I weren’t writing this blog by the way.



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