Looking at shapes (1)


These exercises are part of Liz Steel’s course – week 3 abstracting shapes.

First one is to draw only the shape of three objects of similar colour and overlapping.
Second is to draw the space around the objects. If you look long enough at the ‘character’ in the second drawing, it does seem to have taken on a ‘see I told you so’ stance!
Third is to do a thumbnail focussing on shadows and composition. My thumbnail decided it needed to be a full sized drawing! I need to practise! The fourth is to to do simplified colour and again focus on shadows. Both are overworked. I need to do watercolour quickly and not go over it. Also reflections confuse me and I have to work hard at ignoring them!

Shape is such a good way to simplify, to abstract, to not get exhausted by detail as I can get into the trap of doing. I need to do more of this.


Would love to hear from you!

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