Knowing when to stop

It’s really nice for me that you’d stop by and take a look. When I try to bumble out or blog a thought or two, it’s to a friendly universe it seems.

Now this little piece was done over two 15 minute sessions. The first session was to have another go at doing negative spaces in watercolour first. In this case it was the shapes around the hydrangea. Next was to go over the remaining spaces with positive shapes.

The second session, I did a line drawing, almost ignoring what’s on the page already. Sort of kind of. In other words, I didnt want to follow an exact outline of what I’d already done. Then I added another layer of watercolour just for a bit more structure. And here’s where the ‘knowing when to stop’ bit is. I should have stopped right there. But I didnt and wanted to go into those tiny shadows. Well, it got a bit muddy. I stopped.

It’s not new. i know the drill. ‘Wait for each layer to dry first.’ Stop and think.’ ‘Know when to finish.’ Why are these drills so hard to follow? No big drama. It’s life. Move on and learn.

Hydrangeas are in season here. Such bright mounds of colour they form and beautiful in an old fashioned kind of way.

Would love to hear from you!

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