Drawing exercises, looking exercises (5)

Clearly I have ‘instructional deficit’ disorder. The exericse for Week 4 of Liz Steele’s course was to use pencil lines to indicate the volume of a chair – all sides, proportions, drawing though front and back shapes then go over in pen. Well, the first attempt is not a chair for a start. And, there’s no construction lines whatsoever. And so what I now have is a 2 dimensional drawing, a bit picture bookish and looking like something I’ve made it up. That’s what happens when I get caught up with details of cuteness and the heat from drawing inside a car on a hot day.

The second attempt while not a conventional chair either, is a ubiquitous item used for sitting on – the milk crate. In Sydney, they’re in little clusters behind restaurants, carparks, grocery shops and ahem, on people’s balconies. I love the look of these for their geometry and lines. I know. My lines are skewiff. Well, I try.


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