To be bold

This plant is rather curious. It’s quite plain really. Large, dark, shadow green leaves with a hint of deep red, no flowers, nothing. Except, for a brilliant red skin that literally gives birth to each new leaf and then the skin just…falls away. It’s job is done.

After drawing it my usual way, I thought what next? The question ‘how would so and so draw this plant’ came. I realise this is not an inventive thing to do. But for me, today this was a new thing to try. So, for some reason, the style of illustrator Leanne Shapton came to mind. I flicked through my copy of her Native Trees of Canada and noted her bold colours, bold shapes and bold brush strokes.

So, that’s what I’ve tried; for three minutes, to be bold and here is how that looks.

There’s definitely something fun about being bold.


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