Drawing exercises, looking exercises (7)


This is an exercise from week 6 of Liz Steel’s course. Basically we have been asked to do 2 exercises using a handbag – use pencil to set up and gesturally and the other to draw directly in ink starting with the relationship between two objects lines.

My experience? Well, it would help if I read the instructions carefully and…pick a less complicated version of the subject. Oh well. What to do? I’ve started, keep going. I started with pencil ‘thinking lines’. I still enjoy this more than the end result. i really like figuring out what I’m seeing and discovering a shape or a line or anything I’ve not noticed before. It took 40 mins. I know. It’s just a bag on a chair; a bag I never even use. And as for that chair, it looks like it’s just about to fall over. (The real one doesn’t.)

So, now going backwards to reading the instructions, this is what I do next. I do quick (1 min) gestural pencil lines followed by ink lines – correcting as I go (3 mins). The circles are giving me the ‘pips’ (Australian = annoying me).
This last one is an interesting seeing exercise. Start with the relationship-between-2-objects lines then draw in ink with no set up. And those holes? Well, I really just wanted to get them over and done with.

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