Drawing exercises, looking exercises (10)

This is a about my 6th attempt at roof tops – things one can do in the holiday season! What keeps me interested in this subject is the combination of how the next drawing might go and the simple pleasure of looking at beautiful buildings. They’re all a bit ‘yester year’. I’d love to do some contemporary designs but they’re more of an effort to find.

I’m finding if I start with some rough ‘thinking lines’ which get the vertical lines down and the shape proportion, it helps with being a bit quicker and being able to get most of the building to fit onto the page. Once I’ve done that I feel I have enough to then do the rest in a fineliner. If I spend too long putting down thinking lines, I end up drawing the same picture twice…which is very tedious and not all that necessary.

I realise the exercise is meant to focus on roof tops. But when you’re looking at yester year building designs, it’s hard to avoid capturing some of the beautiful details. I know. Not an excuse.

I need to work on colour. Everything is so wishy washy or the colours dont quite go. Apart from describing shadows, I’m finding the way I do colour is not all that purposeful and I end up doing a bit of a colouring exercise. Next lesson (s) to self.


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