Drawing notations (1): Swimming

There’s something freeing about drawing something when it is in motion – freedom from details, freedom from drawing with much accuracy. This is all I could get from 30 minutes of watching various lap swimmers and their various onlookers. I then spent another 10 minutes at home summarising main shapes in colour.

And there you have it, a bunch of visual notations. It’s quite an enjoyable process as it is what I imagine being able to take shorthand notes to be like – the ability to capture an essence of something with a minimal number of marks.

To be honest though, I did quite prefer the slower swimmers as I had more time to work out what I was seeing to draw.


2 thoughts on “Drawing notations (1): Swimming

  1. I love it! You are brave – I would have taken photos to stop the motion. I love how your simple lines and blocks of color tell you exactly what it is without all the details. (Plus I’m a former swimmer, and current “swim” mom so I love the subject matter!)


    1. Thank you so much – as a self taught adult swimmer I wish I’d paid more attention to the swimming lessons of my childhood. Still, each swim stroke is a new attempt at improvement. I wish you a creative 2015.


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