Drawing notations (2): Swimming

IMG_4132.JPGIMG_4131.JPGWhat is it about drawing from reality that is such a challenge? You’d think that 12 years or so of swimming daily – at glacial type pace – that I’d have a reasonable visual sense of the way the arms move, the legs kick, the body rotates.

But no.

Out of my swimmers, seated on a step with pen and book in hand and eyes glued to the various lap swimmers, I found it a challenge to capture movement.

How odd. Maybe not.

Just because one can see (and feel) something does not necessarily mean it can be automatically expressed on paper whether in words or visual form. Perhaps also, even when drawing from reality, you are still on paper abstracting, summarising and giving shape to something that’s ‘out there’.

This time, these two (2) pages were penned in 15 minutes then goauched at home. For me the colour is to simply elaborate on the lines.

And as for the act of swimming, how wonderful it must be to be able to glide efficiently, effortlessly and elegantly. Ahhh. It’s good to have goals.


5 thoughts on “Drawing notations (2): Swimming

  1. I like the simplicity of your line and colour choices. I agree that its hard to get what you see onto the page but your persistence is bearing fruit.
    You’ve inspired me to try some pool drawings myself. Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts.


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