Drawing notations (3): Swimming

IMG_4133.JPGI didn’t have my sketchbook with me at the pool but did have my little notebook. As I watched the swimmers I thought how remarkable it is that everyone swims so differently. It surprises me, as in many ways, swimming is a simple activity.

Essentially, freestyle is made up of one arm extended forwards, head on shoulder to rotate, the other arm up and over with the legs kicking all the while. And yet, there are so many differences in our timing, the angle of our hands and arms, the range of lines we make in the water from zig-zag-choppy to an almost single streak line and the sounds we make.

Interesting, is it not?

I thought too, of Matisse and the fluidity of movements he created with his wonderful paper cuts. I hope you too, are having a dreamy day wherever you are.

Would love to hear from you!

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