Textures, lines and loosness (1)

Looking at these one might well think I’ve lost weight from the first to the last tshirt! Using my favourite op shop bought tshirt, I did these little exercises using watercolour (wc) pencil, watercolour wash and ink lines. The exercises kind of went like this:

1. Watercolour over water soluble ink lines then wc pencils dipped in water for the flowers. Then ink back on last (as the lines virtually disappeared the first time.)
2. Watercolour pencil set up lines then permanent ink lines then wc wash in and around the flowers. Wc pencil for the flowers.
3. Same as 1 with no ink.
4. Set up lines, permanent ink then wet wc pencils over wet background then wc wash over the remaining.

The verdict? I enjoy scribbling but need some set up lines to bring in a bit of structure.

Which one do I like the look of? Don’t know but I love the tshirt.


2 thoughts on “Textures, lines and loosness (1)

  1. It’s really interesting to see the variation between the drawings. My personal favourite is number 3, but I prefer the flowers to have the definition of number1. Of course it is all wildly subjective but I am more engaged in looking at 3 because my eye/mind is more intrigued by its variation. It would also depend on what ‘purpose’ you want to achieve with the work some versions I could see being more effective in a commercial rather than an ‘art’ context.


    1. Such a thoughtful response Leonie. I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for when drawing but it’s a way for me to explore ideas, feelings and thoughts starting from observing something in the real world. Other times I’m just trying to work out how to render something. With each drawing, I’m always hopeful of a new lesson. Thank you so much.


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