Not great, but done (2)

IMG_4142.JPGNot quite sure that the colours of this one works. I used a combination of watercolour pencil and paint. But looking at this plant got me thinking how much beauty there is in the ordinary if I just stop and look.

I don’t know the name of this plant but it’s often a ‘filler’ plant rather than a ‘showpiece’ or ‘center stage’ plant. A bit like the role of a music accompanist. But you know what? The role of the accompanist is in some ways harder as it needs the ability to be attentive, to enhance and to work in with the lead.
Oh. Where was I? Amongst the succulents on my balcony, the petals of this plant is taking center stage.


7 thoughts on “Not great, but done (2)

  1. Yes! Beauty in the ordinary. I like. Liking the colors; you’ve got warm ones in the front and cool ones in the back, right? (As you can see, I’m new at this. hehe) I think it does work. Maybe look back at it a few hours from now and see what you think is my suggestion.


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