Layers (2)

IMG_4200.JPGYesterday an elephant ‘walked into’ my picture plane. This time, I’m seeing mountains. Not so odd except that I live in a very ordinary suburb where the views are of cars, pavement, women with prams, joggers and a frangipani tree. No mountains. Not even a hill.

Charcoal though a bit messy, can have results that lead the imagination elsewhere.

I started with a goauche drawing of the frangipani tree outside my window. I’m grounded in reality. Sort of.

I went over the top of that with a layer of charcoal and painted over that with random textures (or something). Then worked in another drawing layer with gel pen and more goauche.

So, there you have it. Two frangipani tees with mountains. A title? Mmmm…


2 thoughts on “Layers (2)

    1. Leonie hi, I’ve used canson 200gsm aquarelle paper. Ironically, disappointing for washes as it buckles. But seems to be ok for goauche washes which is what I’ve done over the charcoal / pastel. I like the possibilities of charcoal for tone, texture and mood. Thank you for visiting.


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