A meandering focus

I started off with a clear focus. I wanted a teacher and chose Paul Cezanne to be for this session. Balanced on one knee was a book opened to one of his watercolour studies. On the other knee was my paper and pencil and a pot plant I chose to be The Model.

Every pencil line started with a question like ‘Is the light on this side or that side?’ ‘Is it darker here or there?’ Not bad questions. Of course, Cezanne would have asked more complex questions than that. He’d ask ‘What shape is that? Which tone is that shape – dark, mid, light? Would a line, no line, or shape work better? How does adding this (bit) support the composition?’

My difficulty started when I used colour. And while I tried to keep asking ‘is it lighter here or there etc’, somehow, I ended up colouring in. I realised that there is a discipline and a focus needed in thinking about each stroke, line or dab.

I think I need more lessons from Paul. But I thank him for what I am learning so far.

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