Left brain, right brain, shennanigans

The kind of pfaffing that Left Brain (LB) has with Right Brain (RB) is one I’m guessing many of us have experienced…maybe. Here’s how these two carried on this morning at 8.35am.

LB (slightly sarcastic): You’ve got to leave for work in 25 mins. Not much time you know.
RB (mulling, walking slowly to shelf): Yeah. I know.
LB: Well?
RB (still mulling): Not sure. Watercolour pencil or water brush?
LB (exasperated): Whatever. But what are you going to draw?
RB: Don’t know. Ok. I think I’ll use the pencil and see what happens. (Walks to balcony. Sits down.]

[2 minutes of…inaction]

LB: WELL? We haven’t got all day.
RB: ok. Ok. I think I’m going to use the water brush instead.
LB: (most annoyed and unable to comment)

[1 minutes passes. But now plant staring is occurring.]

LB: Come ON. Start!
RB: Ok. You’re really pushy this morning. I’m just going to use Ultramarine blue and do that leaf.
LB (sneering almost): A leaf? And then what?

[RB ignores LB and paints first leaf]

RB: mmm…Think I’m going to do another leaf.

[paints six leaves]

LB: mmm…What about that one?
RB: Yes. Interesting. The angle goes up. I’ll do that.
LB: wow. Did you see this one? It’s almost a thin line.
RB: You’re right. I’ll do that next.

[22 leaves and 15 minutes later…]

LB: kind of enjoyed that. 22 leaves, 22 instances in seeing. 22 lots of experimenting.
RB: Good. You’ve done what you’ve set out to do.

[LB and RB leave…together…for the outside world.]

And that, is how this drawing came to be.

And the lesson? There’s a lot of talk about left brain logic (etc) and right brain creative (etc). I think they’re kind of like an odd couple who are sometimes quarrelsome, have their differences but when they work together they have richer experiences.

Not much of a lesson really. I’m just being frivolous.


9 thoughts on “Left brain, right brain, shennanigans

  1. Nice painting N, your inner dialogue is hilarious 🙂 but I know what you mean after having been in similar situations myself .Btw, I followed your link out from wetcanvas. I really like your pen and ink type illustrations.


    1. Blogging can feel strange as it can feel like I’m ‘talking’ to a void (myself) so, ‘inner dialogue’ is such an apt description! It’s great to get your comments – thank you. (I didn’t know about Wet Canvas.)


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