Starting and continuing

IMG_4293.JPGThis drawing started with a flapjack. It’s the closest succulent to where I sit. Some days it’s as unplanned as that. Then it’s plant a, plant b and so on.

Other days I might start with a pencil or waterbrush or collage or fountain pen. Or it might be an idea I want to try.

Whichever way, the drawing evolves. If something doesn’t quite work – often for no particular reason other than it doesn’t seem to work – it then becomes something I have to work at.

At some point, I get stuck. This happens most of the time. Maybe it’s the colours not working together or the lines are too stiff or the texture is not varied or there is no contrast.

Leaving it for the next morning helps.

I wonder if this is what is meant by ‘trusting the process’? That is, you start and you keep going, resolving little creative problems along the way, till the whole piece seems complete.

Maybe that’s what it is. How do you start? How do you keep going?

Would love to hear from you!

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