The sound of a perfect A

IMG_4304.JPGYou know how it goes. Look at the overall shape, look at the spaces between. Draw. Look more. Draw what you see and so on.

Well, that’s exactly what I did. But as is usual, I will also try to explore something else too – a creative problem, just a little one. In this case, I want try to explore what to do with the background. And what you see is what I did.

Ok. Drawing completed, I leave it.

A couple of days later…

I set up the drawing to take a photo (for this blog post) when I notice something. I see gentle movement. I hear sounds, distant sounds – violins, an oboe, a cello and I see a baton in slow movement.

Amazing, it is the scene of a little performance. I wonder, if you stay still a moment, just a moment and soften your gaze, that you too might hear it.

The sound of a perfect A? It is one of my favourite bits of a concert – the bit before it all begins.

It is when all the many disparate and individual sounds come to a point where there is a rich unison, a coming together and a warm yellow sound. Then a lull, a collective in breath and the various voices begin…all from a common purpose.

It is beautiful. Well, it is to me.
And I hope it’s ok with you, but I wouldn’t share this with any muscians. Shhhhh.


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