Layers of negative space

IMG_4441.JPGThis started with a layer of random washes. Then each subsequent layer, it’s been an experiment with negative space drawing, looking at spaces between for interesting shapes. As is often the case, it’s refreshing to find another way of looking and drawing.


Evening doodle

IMG_4447.JPGWikipedia says ‘A doodle is a drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.’ I guess this drawing fits that description except that I’m not so sure that my attention is ‘otherwise occupied.’ Well, at least not meaningfully occupied.

Rambly and neither here nor there, would be how I’d describe my attention. Repeat shapes and random configurations is somehow a way of keeping the drawing practice going daily especially when the inspiration is in an ebb rather than flow mode.

What do you do to keep your drawing practice going? Just curious.

Feeling the start of autumn

IMG_4440.JPGAlthough setting the clock going forwards one hour for extra summer daylight upsets the natural order of life in rural Australia, I love it as a person more accustomed to city living. I just love more day light.

But alas, it is mid March and that means soon, the clock will set back one hour bringing with it earlier darkness. Still, it does mean that autumn is well and truly in place which brings with it colour.

And so it goes, the wheel of the nature of life.

The abalone shell

An abalone shell appeared on my kitchen window sill. Mum said, ‘I’ve washed it. I knew you’d like it.’

The colour attracted me at first. But as I settled in to drawing it, my attention went to the markings . Some are close together, others are on their own. Patterns. Like a language of its very own.

I followed the lines and thought of songlines and the insect tracks you find in the sand.

I wondered too about this abalone clinging to a surface, breathing through the litte holes that form a ridge across the top, the respiratory holes. Breathing in and out, in and out under a starry sky.

A life formed. A life had.

Yes, I liked this abalone shell; for the opportunity to momentarily wonder about the life of another creature.