Quick ink sketch

 Nothing like cleaning up to come across things you’ve not used for a while. In this case, it was an inexpensive bamboo hake dip pen. Hence this quick sketch of a succulent growing steadily but a bit wildly.

 As it’s not easy to control the ink flow, you don’t. This then makes for random line thicknesses which I think adds a bit of authenticity to mark making. Do you think?


A focal point

In my previous post I mentioned the difficult of finding a focal point in a landscape that sprawls horizontally and has several levels of landforms. Well, I eventually found one. To give a sense of scale, this spot I’ve concentrated on, is about 1/20th of what you can see. I’ve basically had to ignore a lot of trees, a big dam, distant farms, mountain ranges and a whole lot of sky. All that for the sake of focussing in or rather, narrowing in. A curious process, isn’t it? I guess one can’t fit all of that meaningfully on an A5 sheet, can one?!

A focal point or lack thereof



Plein air drawing on my balcony versus in an open and wide landscape is such a huge difference. Yes. I know you know that. I know that too. I just don’t do the latter often enough and because of that, the drawing experience felt a bit disorientating!

Finding a focal point is challenging. In the end I decided that much like listening to a fantastic lecture where you just take notes of everything you think important to record, I did the same in drawing. Record whatever my eye is captured by. Doesn’t matter.

Where was I? In beautiful autumnal countryside Mansfield, Victoria – the air, huge skies, silly laughs in good company and lots of quick-ish sketches on long walks on dusty roads is a refreshing pause from the world of work. (Work? What?)

Shadow chasing (2)

IMG_4573.JPGIt’s interesting looking at shadows. There can be, for me, unexpected shapes, angles and proportions. I like that shadows has the effect of not needing to look at details but of looking at an overall shape and the negative spaces to help inform that.

It almost feels like I’m drawing backwards. Sorta kinda.

Drawing exercise series

A lemon from a friend’s garden make for a simple series of little drawing exercises. Numbered in the order I did them but random in choosing the exercise itself.
1. Contour drawing
2. Light, mid, dark tonal blocks – 3 colours
3. Deconstructed shapes
4. Collage of shapes
5. Coloured pencil shape, no outline
6. Realistic pencil drawing
7. Realistic pencil drawing with focus on negative space – sort of
8. Single colour with focus on dark, mid, light tones and a random collage bit (why not?!)
9. Collage of tones

All that from a little lemon. I think a lemon tea cake is coming up.

These days I don’t find I have much to say as far as blog posts go. Do you find that some times too? Little point in saying something for the sake of saying something.

But, the drawing keeps going.

Hope you are enjoying an easily paced weekend. It’s lovely here today.