Just be, just do

What captured my attention to draw this was the strking play of shadows made by a dominating umbrella tree, a cordyline and another common plant I cannot find the name of. Interested in the shapes, I scribbled away, noticed the spaces between, added some lines, played with colour. I had intended to keep it simple and focus on the shadows. Somehow though, the drawing morphed into this. Not sure what it is exactly. 

But, I can say there is a wonderful feeling about being in a moment and not caring about achieving a particular result. This is in sharp contrast with the world of work where results do matter. Achieving in particular ways matters. Be efficient. Work smarter not harder. Be this, be that. And that is ok.  It is also ok to have daily little drawing sessions like these where it is ok to ‘just be’ and ‘just do’. More than ok, actually I’d say.


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