From in here, to out there (2)

Still enjoying the simplicity of using pencil. This time I started blocking in the whole page with different tones using the side of a 6B graphite stick. Then I focussed on shapes but mainly working from the negative space. They kind of emerge when I do that. I find myself looking for shapes on the page rather than necessarily drawing what is in front of me. I quite enjoy it as there’s more scope for me to ‘move pots’ around, make up some foliage and even make my balcony look a bit bigger!

Semi-observational, semi-made up. 

Next, there will be giraffes, elephants and a flock of birds coming into my view…along a running water stream, of course.


2 thoughts on “From in here, to out there (2)

  1. These drawings are so wonderful. I really like the subtle shades of the plants and the simplicity of the motif!


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