Ways to hold a pencil (1)

If I hold a pencil in the ‘normal’ way or as I was taught ‘correctly’ in kindergarten (!), I am most likely to do contour lines whether through continuous line or blind drawing. This is one way. 

If I hold the pencil on its side, I am inclined to do tonal blocks and shapes. 

If I hold the pencil towards the top of it – as blogger Leonie Andrews has suggested to me – I get a scribbly effect. Feeling a bit not in control, Left Brain starts to get in the way! Left Brain says, doesnt matter …that’s how it is, try again.

Thing is, trying something that feels awkward or uncomfortable can be a way of gauging that I’m trying something different. 

Mmm…think I’ll leave this here…over thinking doesn’t help either!


One thought on “Ways to hold a pencil (1)

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