Ways to hold a pencil (2)

Not sure where I found them but I have a pack of kids coloured graphite sticks. Rather than having pencil points, they have hexagonal ends. This means you can get thick and thin lines. You can also do large shapes holding the sticks side on. 

But I got a bit carried away with scribbling, I felt I needed to bring back ‘a bit of order’ or definition and went over the two layers with a 4B pencil.

It kind of gives you a couple of goes at drawing the same thing. That’s ok, some of us (me!) need a few attempts. Imagine having the visual intelligence and accuracy of Leonardo Da Vinci or closer to our times, Lloyd Rees. Sigh.

8 thoughts on “Ways to hold a pencil (2)

  1. I like this modern take on artsy fartsy illustration, shadows within shadows, with differing shades of colour and so on. Philodendron is a wonderfully architectural plant for drawing, or even photographing. BTW, what makes you think Da Vinci or Rees did it all in one go? I have no doubt they did a few takes on a subject before they were happy ! ;O)


    1. Quite right – no idea about Leonardo and if only one could visit in a time machine. How fascinating it would be to watch him in action. I do love plants with strong forms or clear shapes or ‘quirky personalities’ (cactii!). Thank you for the chat!


  2. I love the pink and the green together, the overlapping shapes suggesting shadows and sunlight and the varying thickness of lines. How big is this?


    1. How lovely of you to let me know. I’m also experimenting with colour and was trying to use pink to bring out the green. I mostly work in A5. Scribbling makes me want to work bigger though as I’d have more freedom to move!


      1. That’s even more impressive then that you managed to get those delicate lines into such a small space. I imagined it to be A3.

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  3. I am all about several attempts (at least three in the case of my paintings). It lends a nice depth and dimension to a work I think, so I can’t knock it really. However the masters are indeed due a round of applause for their amazing talents and acuity. You have now motivated me to dig into their process a bit more, as I am really not familiar with what took place before the final unveiling of some of the past master works.


    1. Interesting comments. There are so many art styles, approaches and periods I really admire. And they are all different and have so much in the way of giving us ideas to work with. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the movement of scribbling and the feeling of working out on paper what it is I am looking at. Drawing is a great journey to be on, don’t you think?

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      1. Ahhhh, scribbling. I certainly have seen a lot of that lately, and it intrigues me as well (so many dreams, so little time). I also love how many people are mixing mediums now, which I suppose requires a whole new realm of planning, as you have to figure out how different materials will react and convey the message. I suppose that often happens in layers too! Drawing is, indeed, a wonderful journey…and the destination so sweet.


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