Ways to hold a pencil (3)

 Still using pencil sticks. Still scribbling till forms take shape. Still admiring the structure of this plant and its shadow.

A good thing about using materials designed for kids are the small number of primary and secondary colours they often come in. I can see more easily which of the two greens and two blues are the warm versions.

I get into a state of indecision when choosing from my other box of pencils accumulated over time – light ultramarine, phthlo blue, ultramarine, helloblue, grey blue let alone the blues that are greenish blue. And then there’s olive green, sap green, turquoise green, jade, viridian,  pthalo green, light green, earth green and so on. 

And don’t get me started on house paint swatches. My goodness. How many whites?!

And so, its a relief to just have two greens, two blues, two reds to choose from.


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