Daily rituals – Ubud (3)

oil pastel and coloured pencil, 19cmx21cm
I took a series of photos of little morning and late afternoon offerings. Some are very simple and others more elaborate. All are arranged with thought, a sense of beauty and intriguing to my unaccustomed eyes.

This one caught my eye, as it has a little addition to it that looks almost calligraphic.

Now back at home I want to find out what they are about. After a quick search, I liked wikipedia’s clear and simple explanation:

  • They are called ‘canang sari’ meaning canang (beautiful purpose and small palm-leaf tray) and sari (essence).
  • Each colour and their position has a specific Hindu related meaning.

‘Beautiful purpose’. I like that.

I also thought this Lesson in making a canang sari posted by Tricia Mitchellan is informative and with great visuals.

I find it interesting that there is such a habit where one takes the time to make such beautiful objects each day, allow them take their natural course – let animals and insects eat them, cars run over them, spoiling by the heat – only to clean up and start again.

Little visual reminders of how transitory our lives are.

Every day. Twice a day.


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