Daily rituals: Ubud (4)

Altars can be seen everywhere in Ubud. Some are old and others are new that look old. My eyes are not that discerning. Regardless, whether new or old, on most altars will be a small fresh offering. 

It was something minute that caught my eye. In this case, it was the little tiny drop of pink – a sign that someone had just given thanks, prayed and visited. 

And this particular altar, a local one to where I was staying, made me think of voices…ones from a distant universe…gentle voices.

Sorry…I can be a bit prone to getting carried away.


4 thoughts on “Daily rituals: Ubud (4)

  1. I’ve been to Ubud. It’s such an unforgettable place. Those “gentle voices” … that’s the essence of Ubud. It shows in your work…Mystifying. Mysterious. Magical 🙂


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