Patina of Ubud (5)

oil pastel and coloured pencil, 19cmx21cm
Two hours in the Ubud Neka Art Museum gave me a good sense  of some of the traditional styles of painting through to the more contemporary. The gardens are lovely and more so with gentle sounds from a gamelan player. 

My favourite was the work of Arie Smit, a painter originally from The Netherlands whose work shows a love of colour and Bali, the place he came to live in. 

I took a leisurely 3 hour walk back to Oolong where I was staying. With it being so hot and the roads narrow and uneven, slow is a good pace. And besides, there’s so many things to see. For example, this place with its colours, motley assortment of basketware and the peeling layers of wall paint caught my attention.

Here’s a great article I just found on Arie Smit: Arie Smit Turns 99 And this is where I stayed: Bali T House Oolong


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