Gingko leaves

I found these gingko leaves pressed flat between two art books – a belated gift from last Autumn. Their fan shapes are distinctive. And when put together, the spaces they make among them are just as interesting.

This piece has been inspired by the work of printmaker Jorg Schmeister. If you don’t know his work, do a pinterest or google search. It is worth your while. His images take you beyond the physical appearances.

Oil pastel and pencil, 19cm x 21cm


10 thoughts on “Gingko leaves

  1. Yes, I know Jorg’s work. I went up to Orange with my friend when they did w workshop with him. I didn’t do the workshop,but I went to the artist talk. Most impressed with the backwards calligraphy!

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  2. Your work always has such interesting subtle shifts in colour. Like delicate layers of gauze sliding across each other. Very nice.


      1. I was lucky enough to see some of his stuff in the Bauhaus museum in Berlin several years ago – your use of colour is definitely reminiscent of some of his work.


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