The gifts that grow

Do you know Ellsworth Kelly’s drawings? His plant drawings look like they have been done with a near continuous line and with a sharp eye for simple form and negative and positive space. But what has intrigued me this week is a quote that has been attributed to Kelly.

Mental openness occurs when I am able to consider many different ways of being or thinking without feeling threatened, defensive or sarcastic. This is a state of non judgement. I am not afraid of my truth anymore and I will not omit pieces of me to make you feel comfortable. Besides we are all one. Only egos, fears, beliefs separate us. Ellsworth Kelly

I have not been able to find the context this was written or spoken in. I like the idea of mental openness and non judgement. I also like the idea of not being afraid of one’s truth. This does suggest having a view or particular understanding. But how does one at the same time have a strong view and be non judgemental? Maybe that is the challenge – to have a view but without imposing it on someone or hindering the way you understand or listen to someone.

Mmm…how do you understand Kelly’s lines?

About my watercolour drawing? It was inspired by a gift of six (6) cut cabbage flowers from a dear friend which after a week in a vase, were put into a pot to see if they would grow. After two (2) months, little green and mauve purple cabbage leaves are shooting out of the stalks. 

Little shoots and lines of thought eloquently expressed (like Kelly’s) are like gifts that grow. 


5 thoughts on “The gifts that grow

  1. Kelly’s third and final sentences, in the quote you’ve given, certainly could be applied to some of my neighbours where I live, and has nothing to do with painting or Art. Posing a viewpoint without being forceful about it is just about making your statement…how it is received is up to the listener, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder type of idea.
    I like this painting!


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