Beauty in the act of making

I have a small stack of paper mache cups – the size of Chinese tea cups. They sit in a wobbly stack against a pile of books. Even though they have been there for a year or two, they caught my eye one morning for no particular reason. They just did.

I would love to say they are finely crafted and of great beauty but that would be a huge exaggeration! However, they do take me back to an evening I made them with my 8 and 5 year old neices. We ripped up newspaper, made some paste and settled into forming shapes.

As is often the case when we are making something, there’s a bit of ‘I’m going to make this. I’m going to do mine like this. I’m going to…’

And then, a silence descends.

Hands busy, eyes focussed, minds taking flight. In our own worlds and yet together, in the act of making.

Oil pastel and colour pencil, 19 x 21cm 


9 thoughts on “Beauty in the act of making

      1. Thanks so much for your compliment re my leaf series. I was starting to think that people are going to have to call me ‘the leaf lady’…lol! More to come…oh dear! 😉

        Yes, experimenting is the fun of it all, and with the main software I use on my cellphone, PicSketch, one has virtually unlimited variations due to the many variables one can adjust — effects, paper, vignetting, colour/b+w — they all bring their own textures lighting toning and so on. It’s a veritable feast! I’m definitely having fun, and learning that this particular program works best with simple content.


      2. I wonder if you might like ‘Li: Dynamic Form in Nature’ by David Wade on surface patterns and shape in nature – illustrated and explained – a little gem of a book. More leaf explorations please 🙂


      3. Thanks for the heads up re the book; I’ll see if I can locate it and have a look.
        Yes, there will be more ‘leaf explorations’. I haven’t shown many of the really good PicSketch images yet; I’d like to show them all in one day, but then I’d have nothing else to blog about…lol! I also do have other imagery to come not leaf-related and have already prepared some drafts of same.
        PS: I’ve been a fan of patterns in Nature for a long time. although when I was a film person, also a long time ago, most were not interested in seeing them and though them boring! I see others have caught up to me, and also do it much better than me — Freeman Patterson, Canadian photographer, is a good example. I just keep at it.


      4. Thank you – Patterson’s works are so varied and many have a storylike quality to them. Another favourite of mine is Blossfeldt’s ‘Natural art forms’. I need to consult these classic works more often. The thing with creating is to keep at it. It helps us grow, I think. Have a lovely day.


      5. Yes, I like Patterson’s sometimes ethereal quality as well as the mass plantings pix he does so well…not ‘strictly’ patterns in Nature, but kinda…I’m sure you know what I mean.
        I found the Wade book and it looks most interesting. Will see if my local library has it, or even Kobo, my eReader source of supply.


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