Brown paper drawing (2)

This plant I bought on a whim from a nursery. I don’t know what it is but it kind of reminds me of the undergrowth of a forest. I like the thin wiry stems that look as if they are reaching high…for something. 

And the dried coral? It usually sits on a bookshelf in a clear plastic box with other sea objects. This piece came from what used to be Grandfather’s garden. 

Down the back of Grandfather’s garden was a raised pond. It had a glass panel at the front. As a child, I’d tap it as a way to call the gold fish. Standing up, I would see a partially covering the pond, a miniature mountain village. It was landscaped with bonsais and pagodas. Here and there were little bearded men – always old, always wise and always active – playing mahjong, talking or walking.

Also, there was a bridge and on the edge of the river, a man (also old) with a fishing rod and fish that had ‘just’ come from the river. I can still hear the river trickling into the pond.

None of this is in the garden now but it is clear in my mind’s eye – the sound, the feeling and the scenes.


4 thoughts on “Brown paper drawing (2)

  1. Lovely to hear those reminiscences. Our goldfish got moved to our old bathtub at the back of the garden. They love it so much that they’ve started breeding! Only a few are gold so we have to be very careful when we clean it out.


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