Brown paper drawing (3)

I swim every morning. In a lap pool. Slow laps but at least everyday. Snippets of noisy conversations of teenage school girls bounce around the shower walls on weekdays and on weekends, it is the voices of mothers and their young ones. This morning this snippet rose above a cubicle:

Very young child: I am much taller than I was yesterday.
Busy Mother: No you’re not.
Very young child: Oh. But I am tall.
Busy Mother: Darling. You’re not that tall.

The confidence and self belief of the little one is admirable.

About the fern? It is intriguing the way new fern leaves form. They unfurl. Slowly but steadily upright then outwards. This time, there are a few little ‘unfurlings’ at the same time and huddled together, they look like a little secret society. If only one could hear…


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