Brown paper drawing (4)

Do you ever think after a little while of drawing, you look up and think ‘goodness, what the?’! I’m referring to the top of the pot. 

Left Brain is saying: You know the deal. When you draw the top of the pot, think about persepctive and watch out for the edges – that it’s not pointy or like a pancake. 
Right Brain: Looks and looks and decides to just draw anyway.
Left Brain: Now look at your drawing.
Right Brain: Looks. Knows something isn’t quite right.
Left Brain: You’ve done a pancake. The top of the pot looks far too round, like you’re over the top of it. I think you need to review a few tips from Liz Steele (blog post) and Koosje Koene (video).
Right Brain: (Feeling a bit beaten) Yes, you’re right.

As I’ve mentioned in Left brain, right brain shenanigans drawing and creativity does need both sides of the brain (!) but I have to say, perspective drawing and explanations for it escapes me sometimes. I kind of get it but not quite. 

Methinks it’s Left Brain’s fault for not getting it. But it could be Right Brain’s fault for not seeing properly. 


4 thoughts on “Brown paper drawing (4)

  1. I know exactly what you mean…that’s why I crop, often!! I think the beauty of drawing, as opposed to photography, is that you have the artistic licence to leave things out, if you wish, to ‘improve’ the composition, and so on. OK, so there’s image editing software, but that’s not what I’m referring to. I love the philodendron leaves….


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