Brown paper drawing (5)

Ficus lyrata this plant is called. But fiddle-leaf fig is far more descriptive. 

What you cannot see here is the pencil underdrawing. If you could, you would see lines crissing crossing, moving in and out, defining and redefining. All this, in an attempt to describe the structure and to some extent, the character of this plant. 

Seven leaves in all, one would think it would be simple. The job of observing with clarity is an ongoing challenge. 

Challenge? When one considers what unimaginable calamities are facing people in parts of our world, it is such an indulgence to be able to just draw. 

Guilt is not a particularly useful thing. Rather, I will take this moment to appreciate the chance of being able to just sit and appreciate this little item of beauty before me.


4 thoughts on “Brown paper drawing (5)

    1. Wow this looks like 3d crumpled cardboard, abstract shapes, complex workings – go nature! Amazing what you have taken from drawing this subject.
      As for art and the world the best response is from William Carlos Williams:
      “It is difficult
      to get the news from poems
      yet men die miserably every day
      for lack
      of what is found there.” 
      ― William Carlos Williams, Asphodel, That Greeny Flower and Other Love Poems: That Greeny Flower


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