Brown paper drawing (7)

Yes? No? I’m not sure that either works, but they are quick attempts at using a brush pen – thanks to a little blog conversation at Leonie Andrew’s blog. The downside of the brush pen is if you spend a few seconds too long on the tip, the ink starts to swell on the paper. The upside is you have to keep moving – no time for dilly dallying about where to take the line. 

Wanting a bit of a contrast with the thick lines, I’ve used a micron pen. I think I’ll try it in reverse next by starting with the micron then brush pen. 

Anyway, rows of clivias are sprouting everywhere at the moment. The ones around here like to hang out underneath the shade of huge old morton bay fig trees (I think). From a distance, the bobbing orange flower heads look like stars in a sea of dark. There you go. Spring fever is here.


2 thoughts on “Brown paper drawing (7)

  1. Mark Taro Holmes suggests the thin line first with the brush pen for darker shadows if you are doing line sketches. I find my brush pen runs if I don’t allow enough time for it to dry. And thanks fir the link!


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