Finishing the unfinished

Dawdling to draw this morning, I flipped through a sketchbook.

Mmm…a few unfinished drawings there. Can’t remember this one (top left) but I do remember buying a waratah to draw. This as subject matter, is very Margaret Preston. I see her hand coloured linocuts. Strongly drawn. Thick black outlines. Very Australian in what she chose to draw. I don’t know what mine is, but I felt like scribbling with coloured pencils, erasing, then scribbling back over the top. Oh well, at least it is finished now – for want of a better purpose!


7 thoughts on “Finishing the unfinished

  1. It’s Telopea speciosissima, your basic Sydney sandstone waratah, that flowered in the bush near where I grew up and is the NSW state emblem. I went to Monga NP last week, where the Monga waratah grows (east of Canberra) but we were too early to see flowers.


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