A gift from the age of the dinosaurs

When you touch the leaves of the plant that looks like a palm but isn’t, it feels like cardboard – hence, its nickname of cardbaord palm. And then, I find out that its ancestral roots go way back. How cool is that?!

Zamia Cardboard Palm: We already ascertained that the plant is not a palm. Cycads, which have been around since the dinosaurs, form cones at the center of the plant. The cardboard palm plant is native to Mexico and has tropical tendencies in its preferred temperature and light levels. Source: Gardening know how

I realise that spreading seeds across international borders is an activity requiring careful control and consideration. And so, I am pleased that I am able to have a piece of the ancient past – at least in my romantic imagination – without needing to go all the way to Mexico and in a time machine. Mmmm…but then again, maybe that doesn’t sound all that bad an idea if it were possible.

Imagine contending with a dinosaur for a cutting to go on my balcony? Maybe it’s safer not to interrupt the dinosaurs with whatever they are doing.  

A bit of play time on a gorgeous Sunday morning is not a bad thing. Have a gorgeous day / evening yourselves.


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