A memory captured

This is one of those watercolours where it is like a badly taken photo that you keep anyway because it captures a place or a memory as you remember it. 

In this case, it is a simple memory of going to weekly Tibetan Buddhist sessions. I probably went about 8 times. The sessions were in Tibetan then translated into English by a young Dutch girl. I liked the sound of Tibetan and English with a Dutch accent. I also liked the routine of walking there with the view of a mountain backdrop and having the experience of being in another culture.


13 thoughts on “A memory captured

  1. ‘Sounds like a good time, both relaxing and stimulating. There is something about this image that feels familiar…as if I have seen a similar view, but not from among mountains. It kinda reminds me of a Greek island village.


      1. ‘Never heard of that one. ‘Sounds like a village or land from some RPG online game. Your journey, brave elf, takes you to Rethmenon where the Hopinpoff make merry with their many kettles of Boozinberry tea. Tread carefully, ye traveler, and bring plenty of gold pieces.


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