Balletic notations

A slight change of routine meant me sitting in the park for about 15 minutes. And, this is what I got to watch. Slow, measured, balletic moves in the form of tai chi, sword and fan.

For him, a morning exercise routine. For me, a chance to take some visual notes. 

I struggled. I realised that having a good visual memory, understanding of anatomy and proportion would help. But having said that, I enjoyed the constant motion and the challenge of finding a way to distill some of the moves.

I thought of Degas and his drawings of ballet dancers. How did he manage to capture them as if in transition – in move going to the next? He captured mass, weight and elegance beautifully. Amazing.


9 thoughts on “Balletic notations

  1. I tried this (sketching tai chi) while travelling in China last year and found the transitions were so smooth that I struggled to grasp even one gesture. I think think you’ve really captured them.


    1. Found myself laughing in not being able to remember how an elbow or leg looked when trying to finish off a teeny tiny visual note when the man had moved on to his next posture. I suppose I could have had left it as a page of elbows and legs! Thank you.

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  2. Ha! I see we’ve been struggling with pretty much the same things in our latest pictures! I find your observations hit the nail on the head. Plus, I really like the outcome of your sketches, and they’re beautifully distributed on the page, too. 🙂


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