An unintended elegance

 A few travel photos dropped out of a book. Mostly they were photos of people in and around Ubud going about their daily life – visiting a temple, participating in a procession, taking something from one place to another.

Great. Nice drawing subject and a chance to try out a new brush. An hour and a bit later and here it is.

What I don’t know how to capture are the floating thoughts and memories that flowed with the brush.

  • I wondered what was in those parcels. Where they were taking them and who or what they were for.
  • I wondered how it is that women and men alike, can walk with such ease and elegance carrying such a huge object on their heads. No wobbling. No fuss. Just a steady gaze and pace and walking tall.
  • I wondered what they would be talking about.

Thoughts of a curious outsider I guess.

Quite unrelated, I wore a maxi dress today as it was 30 degrees celsius (86 fahrenheit). Running late to work, I realised I had forgotten how annoying the bottom part of the dress was. It is narrow and very difficult to walk quickly in. It made me think immediately of the people in the photos. That is how they walk so elegantly – one step in front of the other – a narrow gait imposed by a narrow dress (and probably all those items on their heads!).

Elegance? Not for me. I hitched my dress up enough so I could get to work on time.


8 thoughts on “An unintended elegance

  1. I second all the above. A beautiful collection of people and great composition probably because it is so ‘simple’.
    It also reminds me of an image I saw in a book yesterday of ancient dancers linked hand to hand dancing across a shard of pottery.


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