A nice little exchange

This one particular Saturday was pleasantly spent with a friend just walking around Paddington (near the city of Sydney) and catching up on life – ordinary, everyday things – things that only dear friends would care to catch up on.

There are lots of interesting design, art and fashion window shopping one can do in Paddington. In one such shop, we struck up a conversation with the shop assistant about the plant that was perched on the cash register. I find out that the plant is easy  to look after, can grow in water and has lots of irregular shapes. 

I find faces hard to capture. It’s not that I want to do an exact likeness of physical features. I would find it more interesting to be able to capture congeniality, politeness and kindness. But how? What do these qualities visually look like on paper and without the support of text? 

This ‘little’ problem is stalling me. I need to research. I am sure it has been done. 

So, for now I think this incomplete attempt is better left, completed in the imagination.


4 thoughts on “A nice little exchange

  1. I admire the techniques of Charles Reid, especially since they deal with watercolour, my medium of choice. His books on figure and portrait painting are out of print and can be pricey, but they are available at many public libraries.


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