Drawing. A way to travel.


Listening to Nuran Zorlu (ABC Spirit of things podcast: 53 mins) talk about his photography of Persia’s world heritage sites, has inspired me to ‘travel’ to Isfahan, Iran, a place I have not been to and may not be able to for some time. 
A quick Pinterest search is all you need to appreciate the richly detailed beauty of the architecture and the layers of history and meaning embedded in the designs. Humans are capable of creating so much that is wonderful and yet…

If I were to put together an itinerary, it would have to include:

  • The Music Room on the sixth floor of the Ali Quapu Palace
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Imam (Shah) Mosque
  • Vank Church.

Sigh. If only this were easily possible.

So, for now ‘exploring through drawing’ is one way of getting there.

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