Learning from the Masters (2)

I am sure you can barely see the dabs of colour in the rough thumbnail sketch. But that was how it was to me to get the two more detailed views below – in this amazing painting of Francesco Guardi. But, there’s something about the paint dabs that beckon a second look and then a closer look – closer, if I weren’t concerned about the gallery alarm!

The details, the glints of light and of course, overall postures captured through these tiny paint dabs are amazing. I am learning a lot about the power of the paint dab.

It seems to me you really have to ‘let go’ of reality, be obsessed about light, shape and colour to…in a round about way…to capture reality. 

Well…reality as one sees it.

Francesco Guardi? Never heard of him, but so pleased I have now. And I thank him for a wonderful lesson.


4 thoughts on “Learning from the Masters (2)

  1. I know that feeling of wanting to get closer and closer. Actually seeing a painting in real life is a revelation. There’s so much that gets lost in a reproduction. This sketch is lovely. (K)


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