Backgrounds. What to do with those? (2)

While this piece was not inspired by Johannes Vermeer, his works did cross my mind as I struggled with what to do with the background. His interiors are wonderful for the way they are integrated with any people. They just belong there. Not plonked there. There is a story that can be created. Light streams from his windows. 

Here, Chloe is talking to a bird – one I bought from an art gallery bookshelf – and wanting to make sure it was comfortable. It had fallen off its perch and had been hanging upside down for some time, gathering dust. 

Catching children engrossed in an imaginary world is a real joy.


17 thoughts on “Backgrounds. What to do with those? (2)

  1. Awesome picture of the girl. To emphasize light streaming, it helps to ground objects with shadows. Not sure that works for your style, though since the abstracted quality is getting very good, it makes them dream like. Nice piece.


    1. Always feel very complimented by your visits let alone comments. I was playing with the idea of flower motifs ‘coming into’ her imaginative space and v inspired by a gorgeous vintage persian rug image. I enjoy seeing all your tonal drawings by the way. Do you like Georgio Morandi? His work is wonderfully tonal.


  2. I LOVE this. It’s delightful. You’ve captured the light streaming from the window. The figure of the child is exquisite–it really pulled me in; and all the accompaniments, too–the bird, the carpet, the piano, the plant.


  3. I think your background is working very well. You have ‘abstracted’ it so that the key elements have worked with the figure, as well you have taken the wonderful liberty of carrying the rug pattern out onto the floor, which is a great touch. I think that the austere backgrounds in Vermeer’s work act in a similar way. Keep going!


    1. Thank you – I have been trying to work out ways of approaching backgrounds. And this one came bit by bit rather than worked out at the start. It would be lovely to have a carpet such as this – a vintage Persian rug – but I guess I ‘have it’ for the time I am drawing it!

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  4. Lovely work! The balance of details is wonderful…not too little, not too much, just enough to set the tone and tell a story. I also love that you celebrated an impression of the scene, leaving out some of the minor details and calling attention to the important ones. The colors, too, are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!


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