Ginger jar conversations

The ink drawing on the left took about 20 mins. The ‘head talk’ went like this:
Look at the verticals.
Look at the horizontals.
Don’t get distracted by the patterns. Get the overall shape first.
Work out darks, lights.
Ok. Now draw the patterns. Make them follow the shape of the jar.

The result? A bit elongated but recognisable enough.

The pencil drawing on the right took 30 minutes. This was the ‘head talk’:
Don’t think.
Just draw. Look. Draw.
But the sides look strange.
That’s ok. Keep drawing. Draw it strange.
The verticals don’t look vertical.
Thats ok, don’t draw them vertical.

The result? A pear shaped ginger jar.

The lesson? The reminder of how annoying the advice ‘draw what you see’ can be for me. Seeing is not the only thing that helps. Seeing needs understanding. If you don’t understand what you are seeing or unable to see something clearly, then pear shaped drawing is what I’ll get.

Ok. And the complex bit? I don’t want to necessarily draw or copy exactly what’s in front of me.

The real lesson? Keep drawing. With each new drawing, there’s hope – hope that I’ll discover or understand or work out something I hadn’t before.

And seriously…you have to laugh at that odd looking ginger jar.


For a coming celebration

I remember loving handwriting in primary school and experimenting with different ways of writing various letters. Recently I’ve been looking for ways to combine text with drawing. Quite enjoy doing this font which is just running writing with added width so I can add a bit of colour.

Curious how past interests, even ones long ago, can resurface.