A blog pause

Do you ever think you like drawing and the doing but don’t really have all that much to say in words? Well, that’s kind of where I am at the moment. And hence, a pause from blogging. 

Over the two years or so of blogging, I have very much enjoyed your posts and the many beautiful ideas visually expressed and the little blog-chats. Thank you.

For the time being, I am posting at https://www.instagram.com/drawingconnections/



A little disruption – Ubud (1)

A wonderful three weeks in Lodtunduh, Ubud has disrupted my little blogging routine. 

The first five days was spent in a workshop ‘Balinese botanica exotica with Suzanne Archer’. The drawing, learning and and seeing was wrapped with fantastic company and in a beautiful environment – home of a dear friend.

And yes, above is not my usual A5 sized morning-on-the-balcony-sketch. Lots of charcoal layering, drawing in, removing, drawing over. And yes, after 3 days on it, it is unfinished. But, no matter. The experience of working large (2+ metres) and working with traces left behind by drawings removed was new and interesting to me.

 If I could, I’d have included in the sketch above, the staccato-like sound of the geckos, the sound of carp splashing about in the pond below and the 6am prayers sounding from a distance. Enclosed by glass panels, I loved this little space with its high pitched thatched roof and immersive views of the rice paddy fields.


And here, I am back to my A5…well, at least 2 A5!

Here’s a bit about the workshop: http://artadventuresbali.weebly.com

Drawing exercise series

A lemon from a friend’s garden make for a simple series of little drawing exercises. Numbered in the order I did them but random in choosing the exercise itself.
1. Contour drawing
2. Light, mid, dark tonal blocks – 3 colours
3. Deconstructed shapes
4. Collage of shapes
5. Coloured pencil shape, no outline
6. Realistic pencil drawing
7. Realistic pencil drawing with focus on negative space – sort of
8. Single colour with focus on dark, mid, light tones and a random collage bit (why not?!)
9. Collage of tones

All that from a little lemon. I think a lemon tea cake is coming up.

These days I don’t find I have much to say as far as blog posts go. Do you find that some times too? Little point in saying something for the sake of saying something.

But, the drawing keeps going.

Hope you are enjoying an easily paced weekend. It’s lovely here today.

Another experiment

IMG_4219.JPGI’m sure I can take this one further but here is where I’ll leave it until an idea comes along. I’m experimenting with layers of charcoal, goauche, watercolour and pencil.

The image is based on a tiny bit of green on a pavement that caught my attention on a pavement while I was rushing to get the train one morning.