Balletic notations

A slight change of routine meant me sitting in the park for about 15 minutes. And, this is what I got to watch. Slow, measured, balletic moves in the form of tai chi, sword and fan.

For him, a morning exercise routine. For me, a chance to take some visual notes. 

I struggled. I realised that having a good visual memory, understanding of anatomy and proportion would help. But having said that, I enjoyed the constant motion and the challenge of finding a way to distill some of the moves.

I thought of Degas and his drawings of ballet dancers. How did he manage to capture them as if in transition – in move going to the next? He captured mass, weight and elegance beautifully. Amazing.


Even the tree is listening too

Three ladies on a park bench this morning. I can just ‘hear’ them:

  • “Well, back in my day…”
  • “Really? Where I come from we…”
  • “So, how do you make that dish so very tasty?”
  • “…don’t know why they do things like that…”

Doesn’t matter. Whatever it is that they are talking about, this is exactly what community spaces are for – getting together, being together and sharing something of one another.

It seems to me, we need more spaces like these. 

Now, more than ever.

Thankfully not left to ruin

This is a very wonky drawing of what is a gorgeous former post office in Summer Hill Post which is not far from me. This 1900s building is very solid and looks well looked after and is now a restaurant. If you google ‘Summer Hill Post Office’ you’ll find details about its architectural design. While such building designs might be re-created, it looks exactly that – re-created. So, preservation and restoration rather than reproduction works better, somehow.

It’s funny that even with a photo as a reference, the lines are so wonky and kind of almost converge. How much more wonky would they be if drawn on site?! A lot more! Must be the wonky brain and one must laugh. I do, anyway even if at myself. 

Still, if I need to draw a series of haunted buildings, I think I now have ideas of how I might do them! 

Another former home left to ruin (1)


The symmetry, the surrounding space and the detailing is what I like about this house. It has been left neglected for a few years.

It is built up where I live and getting more so. Houses like these are bought then left to ruin. Windows are boarded up and wired fences put up. More often than not, they are then replaced by unit blocks with poor building designs and materials. Familiar story?