Chinese New Year in the park (2)


Getting ready to go on stage…



Drawing connections
I have had a nest egg image in my mind for months since I came across Francis Orpen Morris’ work through the wonderful Tiny Aviary blog. Morris painted as an ornithologist naturalist in the 1800’s. For me it symbolises the gestation of an idea and the time and focus that needs to acccompany it. Like the thinness of the shell, so too is the fagility of many ideas.

Imperfect lines – even so, I had to be so still to paint them so close together. This style has been inspired by the meditative quality of the work of Olivia Jeffries.

Another perfect autumn day for us to enjoy!

Imperfect repetitions

Drawing connections
Inspired by the many surface pattern designs I see on the internet, fabrics, stationary, I thought I’d have a go. Here’s what I did.

  • Put masking tape to set top and bottom border to create a square shape to work in.
  • I wanted to keep it simple and decided on a dominant line direction – verticals for both.
  • Covered the whole area with shapes. The little branch is based on an earlier sketch. The persimmon is drawn from the 1 piece of fruit but turned 9 times to get a slightly different drawing angle.
  • Decide on a minimal palette of 2 – 3 colours.
  • I particularly enjoyed filling in the background. I always wonder what to do with backgrounds. But in this case, the background broken up into many shapes was a pattern in itself.

    Drawing shapes repeatedly somehow highlights a myriad of little imperfections.

    Simple colouring in

    Drawing connections
    Just wanted to do some simple colouring in. Came across these two pencil drawings I must have done a while ago. Perfect for colouring in using gouache. What you don’t fill in is as important as what you leave out. I ended up having fun with creating negative spaces too.

    Stunning autumn day here – hope you’re having good day!

    One things leads to another

    drawing connections
    I started with a few blind contour drawings of my neice. She didn’t like any of them. Oh well. Thing is, I enjoy it and like the scribbly effect. From that I did a stylised drawing – the one you are looking at. She looks odd but undeterred kept going. Next a bowl turns up and of course with some plants. How do I connect her with the bowl? Oh, hands and she needs a body too. Background, what to do with that? And so the drawing kept going. Could do more but might stop…and see what next another time.

    ‘Monkey talk’

    Drawing connections
    Most drawings are carried out with a bit of a ‘monkey talk’. The monkey talk for this drawing went like this.

    Start with a tile, Venetian inspired. Why? Why not?
    Need a pot, a patterned one. I’m always doing pots upright. Let’s tilt this time.
    Next? Plants. Which? Go through my sketches and settled on the ones I did of herbs I’d given to a neice on her birthday to start a little garden.
    Mmmm…pot is tilted. Plants will have to follow suit.
    Oh dear. Everything seems to be falling out of the page. Stumped. Don’t know how to continue. Leave it.
    A few weeks later, one morning with only a 20 minutes to spare, I come across this half finished thing (one of many actually). I look at it. Oh dear. It’s all very tilted. What to do?
    A ladder pops into my head. Needs to go on the left. Yes, balance the composition. That’s what is ‘needed’.
    In goes ladder. Two straight lines with small lines across. Keep it simple. Shadows? Nah.
    I look. Still doesn’t look finished.
    I think I need a character. Where? From underneath the pot.
    Why? Don’t know. But a girl looking up will ‘work’.
    So, this is how the monkey talk went and helped to ‘finish’ this drawing (story).

    Structure of a gum nut branch

    Drawing connections
    As much as I like drawing leaves, flowers, branches when they are fresh, I love to draw them when they are dried. I think it is because I can ‘see’ the structure or the form more easily. This is especially with trees. All those leaves ‘cluttering’ up my mind when I’m trying to draw! Do you find this?

    I picked up this lovely branch 2 months ago. Originally with beautiful pink gumnuts and grey green leaves, it is now a lovely golden brown.

    Have a lovely day and thank you for visiting!

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